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****the term headband and Head Wrap are used synonymously ****

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Preppy Headbands

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Definition of preppy.

A true preppy is someone who:
Wears, but is not limited to, Polo, Lilly, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, LL Bean (ie duck boots), ribbon belts, prints (ie cords with embroidered whales, palm trees, etc), sweaters tied around the neck, collar always popped, looks neat and put together. Hair ribbons or ribbon headbands, pearls, and other classic jewelry pull the look together. Preppies are partial to monogrammed and engraved items (ie tote bags, oxford shirts, jewelry, money clips, etc). Colors are always brite (favorites include pink and lime green). Preppies may not always match EXACTLY but they are always coordinated. Hats are worn (ie polo player, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers), but they are unique- not designs you would see in the mainstream and the "mall".
Preppies often attend prep schools (ie Middlesex School, Governor Dummer Academy, and Belmont Hill) followed by New England private colleges.
They are confident and unafraid to express their own styles and be daring in their fashions. Preppies vacation on Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Delray Beach, and on the coast of Maine. These vacation locales are places their families have been going to for years, and have histories there.
It is a common misconception that preppies are snobs. Many people view them as unapproachable, and as a result mislabel them. Preppies are not as rich as people may think they are, but they are often well off. They buy into classics rather than trends, and don't change their lifestyles with fads.
Preppies tend to have bizarre connections with other preppies they meet, always finding mutual friends/ family and people that run in the same circle.

Preppies don't:
* Wear tight, skin exposing clothing (ie fitted Abercrombie sexual tshirts with tight flared jeans)
* Limit themselves to mall shopping and chain stores. They gravitate towards long-established classic stores and boutiques unique to quaint New England towns.
* Wear heavy makeup and endless hair products. The phrase "less is more" is a preppy creed.
* Glue purses to their arms, especially when going to school. Lip gloss and if need be, a wallet, are thrown into tote bags along with books.

Les whispered to Tyler that Linds looked very preppy with her pink popped Pulitzer, cable knit cardigan and pearls.

Top 11 Peppy Brands

Founded: 1982
Claim to prep fame: Rugby shirt($79.99)
The Prodigal Brand strayed from its comfort zone in the '90s, but it's clawing its way back to campus. These ludicrous ads don't hurt the cause. Don'tcha just love the holidays?

Founded: 1938 (Izod); 1933 (Lacoste); 1956-1993 (one company)
Claim to prep fame: The Croc Polo ($89.50)
These once-mighty tennis favorites were actually joined at the Crocodile for almost four decades. The French side of this broken home has fared far better than its American counterpart.
1983 (as J.Crew)
Claim to prep fame: The missing 1.5" of chinos exposing missing socks
Before it became the white-bread, post-grad giant it is today, Crew was a mail-order catalog named "Popular Club Plan", which sounds like a Matt Christopher series about joining Andover's golf team.
Founded: 2006
Claim to prep fame: A pastel Skipjack polo($82.50)
Repped hard by the frat-daddies whose pledge fathers are ALSO named Kiefer, this young brand trades almost entirely in Easter-egg hues,because real preps don't wear pink if lavender's available.
Founded: 1902 (at Yale! That's the Ivy League, son!)
Claim to prep fame: Shaggy dog sweater ($230 USD)
In addition to its Shetland knitwear New Haven's turn-of-last-century atelier makes definitive suiting for tradition-obsessed Ivy-philes. But its brochures? That's where the magic really happens.
6. L.L. BEAN
Founded: 1912
Claim to prep fame: The always available Bean boots ($99 USD)
As the singular reason anyone has ever heard of Freeport, Maine, this heritage brand has been the unofficial sponsor of ski trips to Sugarloaf since, like, forever. Also: MASSIVE. BOOT. STATUE.
Claim to prep fame: Top-Sider boat shoes ($85 USD)
Owning stinky, chocolate-brown boaters is a prerequisite for admission at any school that has both men's AND women's hockey squads.
4. Smathers & Branson
Claim to prep fame: Needlepoint belt (from $165 USD)
The young brand's coveted custom pants-holder-uppers feature silhouettes of deceased dogs, long stick lax poles, other sentimental vestiges of prep youth.
3. Brooks Brothers
Founded: 1818
Claim to prep fame: Oxford cotton button-down ($92 USD)
Your blue blood has to be damn near purple to out-prep the Golden Fleece. Not only did the Bros outfit the cast of the Gatsby remake — F. Scott Fitzgerald himself wore its shirts, as did JFK and many other living & dead presidents.



2. Vineyard Vines
Founded: 1998
Claim to prep fame: A printed "critter" tie (from $85 USD)
Though it now offers full men's & women's collections, the label got its start making rainbow ties covered in stuff like seals playing with balls. Scoff if you must, but it's now supposedly worth around $100 million. Balls.
1. Ralph Lauren
Claim to prep fame: The Polo shirt (from $85 USD)
The Horse King has pioneered proper American prep in everything it's ever produced — suiting, shirts, ski parkas, and a whole bunch of clothes that don't even start with "S". Its benchmark logo is so damn strong, it can survive setbacks (Rugby's closure), missteps (Denim & Supply, generally) and outright knock-offs (US Polo Assn., looking at you) and carry on, full gallop.